Before the Europeans explored and eventually settled North America, there existed a vast interconnected network of ecosystems and human societies. Prairies, wetlands, woodlands, rivers, lakes, savannas and deserts covered every square inch of what was to become the United States. These seamless gradient systems flowed naturally from one area to the next. With elevational, soil or moisture changes, the plant communities (and thus insect and animal populations) would subtly change, and what affected one system would invariably affect the adjoining system.

As a result, disturbances in nature have become part of every native plants' life cycle. For example, prairie plants accustomed to dry, hot summers have root systems that can be up to 15 feet deep! They allocate a large percentage of their energy to developing deep root systems to easily survive drought. Additionally, due to their deep root systems, they have become highly adapted to fire, re-sprouting within weeks of burning. Our natural areas are not fire tolerant, they are fire dependant! The natural world is self-regulating, and we humans are a part of it.

Remnants of these original systems remain in our lands today. Most have been fragmented, marginalized, and/or destroyed due to the introduction of agriculture and development. This has caused plant and insect losses to threaten human survival and long-term existence. We must protect, restore, and respect the planet, for we ourselves depend upon nature in all facets of our lives. It is important that we work with experienced ecologists to incorporate Ecological Restoration into every area of our living space. Ecological Restoration is the cultural, political, social and environmental facets of a natural community being restored simultaneously.

Native Landscape Contractors is a firm focused solely on Ecological Restoration. We create, restore, and steward natural areas using cutting edge principles and techniques. In our years of experience, we have found that the best solution to many of today's problems is to simply work with Mother Nature, not against her. Working together with public and private landowners, we convert high maintenance, low function, chemically intensive landscapes to low maintenance, highly functional natural areas that become home to our native birds and butterflies. At Native Landscape Contractors, we truly are environmental stewards!